Proposed Amendments to the Uniform Superior Court Rules

In Owens v. State, the Supreme Court mandated that the Council of Superior Court Judges draft a rule on post-conviction, pre-appellate delay and submit it to the Court for approval no later than Sept. 17, 2018. The Court has directed that the Council circulate these proposals for public comment in advance of the Uniform Rules Committee’s consideration of the rules for adoption at the conference beginning Aug. 27, 2018. Click here for a draft new Rule 39.3.1 (Bi-Annual Lists of Felony Cases) or click here for a draft amended Rule 41 (Motion for New Trial).

Should you have any comments on the proposed changes, please submit them in writing to the Council of Superior Court Judges located at 18 Capitol Square, Suite 104, Atlanta, GA 30334, email them to or fax them to 404-651-8626. To be considered, comments must be received by Monday, Aug. 13, 2018.